Gifting Kids Shopping List

Which toys are the real deal and worth the price?

We tried them out and here our favorite toys!

Let Nia Fia make gift shopping easy. Maybe your kid wants a toy and your not sure if it's worth it.  Maybe you have no idea what to get them so we will show you what's hot.  MAYBE you need to buy a gift and are lost in this sea of new toys.  I recommend reading reviews OR just TRUST US.

I selected these toys because they encourage dreaming, self-expression, acceptance, and knowledge.  TOYS ARE NOTHING LIKE THEY WERE and the inclusivity and abundance train has arrived!!!!  Find toys your kids REALLY will use to your Amazon cart or your Amazon Baby Registry.  Personally used and approved, these are must have for you and kiddo.  


Review the list, add to your Amazon cart, thank us later.

Sincerely, Kaaren Styles Terpack, CEO


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